How To Get The NEW Black & White Utah License Plates (2024)

Here in Utah, we have the BEST license plate in the game... The Arches plate. Orange, Blue, White. GORGEOUS. But all the sudden, we suddenly have THE TOUGHEST plate of all time: Black & White! And you can get it on your car today!

I saw this from Twitter user: @SplashNephew where he posted these new Black & White plates on his Volvo (Below).

Twitter blew up with people wondering HOW? How can we all get these plates on our cars? Firstly: These are special plates that require annual contributions to the Utah Historical Society. Meaning, you will pay $25 for an initial contribution, and $25/year as an annual contribution. Here is a STEP BY STEP on HOW to get these plates!

  1. It can be obtained at ANY DMV office and will be mailed from the Utah State Tax Commission.
  2. To order this plate by mail, submit a copy of your current registration, any documentation required for the special plate, and a check that includes the cost of the special plate, plus $4.00 for postage to: Utah State Tax Commission, Motor Vehicle Division, P.O. Box 30412, Salt Lake City, UT, 84130.

KJ Routson

These plates, NO DOUBT, will start showing up all over the place, so get yours today! I'm THRILLED these are finally available in Utah!


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Wow! Utah's Next License Plates??

Utah's license plates are... OKAY. The Arches plate is AMAZING, but the others? Ehh...

I decided to design the NEXT license plates for MY HOME STATE:Utah!

1. The Dixie Plate:

There's not a chance this thing will fly, but I want it! I'd have it tomorrow! Fairly simple, but gives the St. George Pride Vibe with the sunset behind it. Showing clear skies that we get nearly everyday in St. George.

attachment-utah jazz plate

2. Modern Utah Jazz Plate:

No. Forget what I said on the Dixie Plate. I would have THIS ONE on my car tomorrow! The Jazz just did a whole new rebrand and they're keeping it simple. Bright yellow with the black. It pops. I love this plate!

3. The Beehive Plate:


The Beehive State, The Beehive Plate. An actual hive in the background with gooey honey running behind the numbers. This one would be the most UNIQUE plate in the world, and I'm kind of crazy about it!

4. The Elk Plate:


This ones for all the dudes out there. The Elk is the state animal of Utah, and I know there would be TONS of back-country folk that would sport this bad boy! Come on!

5. The Fry Sauce Plate:


Our most VALUABLE resource: Fry Sauce! It's a Utah staple, and it's GLORIOUS! In Fry Sauce We Trust!

6. The Califutah Plate.

This one is made for all those Californian's moving to Utah and trying to turn Utah into California. It'sessentially the California license plate with Utah instead of California... Just to make them a little more comfy here.

See! It's adead ringer! They'd LOVE IT!


Who do we need to send these to? Let's have the MOST AWESOME plates in the nation! Come on, Utah!

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YIKES: Don't Buy These Items At Walmart In Southern Utah!

Everyone has a favorite grocery store, right? Maybe that's just a right of passage as you get older! For the most part, I do 90% of my grocery shopping at Walmart, but If I'm ever buying chicken, I like to shop at Lin's on Mall Drive (Mostly because the dice the chicken and package it, and I don't have to dice it myself.) But I wasn't aware there were DEFINITE items to stay away from if you're buying from Walmart. Trista Best is a dietician and Walmart shopper, and she compiled a list of the WORST things to buy from Walmart.

Here are the TOP ITEMS to avoid buying from your local Walmart:

Pre-Packaged Deli Meats:

The Pre-Packaged Deli Meats are like a shot in the dark. You really don't know what you're going to get with quality, texture, smell, and freshness. It's definitely best to get fresh slices of meat from the deli! That way you know it's at least fresh and where it's coming from!

Great Value Brand Canned Soup:

I always thought the generic soups were just as good as the name-brand soups, but apparently not. Great Value brand soups are loaded with sodium and additives. It's best for us to spend the extra money on the more reputable brand soups.

Frozen Seafood:

When it comes to sourcing and quality, Walmart's frozen seafood can be hit or miss. It's best to find a market that has a seafood section to avoid getting sick because seafood can be tricky!

Produce With Short Shelf Life:

Be careful with delicate items like berries, or leafy greens. Walmart has high turnover, and with these items they're mostly guilty of not being so fresh. Obviously, a farmer's market is best for those items, or a place like Harmon's!

Generic Cereal:

Honestly, when it comes to cereal, I've never noticed much of a difference between generic or name-brand, but this is on the list of things to avoid! The generic versions are much less reliable when it comes to flavor too.

Low-Quality Baking Supplies:

If you REALLY care about specialty baking, you'll want to skip Walmart for your flour, baking sodas, powders, and chocolates. You're encouraged to go to a higher quality store like Harmon's, Smith's, or Lin's. If you're not too picky when it comes to your baked goods, you're probably okay to buy that stuff at Walmart.

Be safe out there when buying groceries! Once again, if quality doesn't matter THAT much to you, you're probably good to buy just about anything at Walmart!

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Another HUGE Retailer Coming To St. George!

St. George Mayor, Michele Randall, announced today via Facebook that another HUGE retailer will be coming to St. George. This announcement comes only months after another massive announcement that Hobby Lobby will be making it's way to town! Hobby Lobby will be coming to the old K-Mart building, with that entire area now known as "St. George Place". This new retailer will also be coming to St. George Place in 2025.

The retailer:

REI, Recreational Equipment Inc.

REI isan American retail and outdoor recreation store. They sell camping gear, hiking, climbing, cycling, water, running, fitness, snow, travel equipment. Plus, they also sell clothing for men women and children. REI is headquartered in Sumner, Washington. This will be their 10th location.

REI is similar to Dick's Sporting Goods, and Al's Sporting Goods. We'll now have THREE HUGE retail stores for sporting goods in the area.

This Utah City is a TOP Risk Of A Nuclear Bomb!

We live in a day and age where we should be prepared for terror attacks, and nuclear bombs. If you're within 300 yards of a bomb dropping, you're at risk of being killed. Depending on the size of the bomb, it could also kill you from 25 miles away! I'm not telling you this to scare you, but to hopefully inspire you to be prepared IF it were to happen. One of the scariest parts of all this, is a Utah City is on the TOP 10 LIST of Cities with the highest rink of a nuclear bomb!


1. Washington D.C.:

Obviously D.C. would be the biggest threat. It's the home of our Government.

2. New York City, New York:

Our most populated city in the country. It's so densely populated with constant traffic, it would be a nightmare to try and get out of that city, especially if bridges and trains were blown out.

3. San Francisco, California:

San Fran is the tech capital of the country, but also (like New York), It would be extremely hard to get out of that city if the bridges were blown out.

4. Chicago, Illinois:

Another major city, to nobody's surprise, would be a threat. But for Chicago, they're located about 50 miles from FOUR major power plants!

5. Los Angeles, California:

Los Angeles has SO MANY PEOPLE... but their economy is the second largest in the country.

6. Houston, Texas:

Houston has over 6,000,000 people in the city, and it's less than 70 miles from the South Texas Project Nuclear Generating Station. That's a big one for terrorists.

7. Seattle, Washington:

Seattle has millions of people in their city and there's also a naval base close to the city.

8. Honolulu, Hawaii:

Honolulu was already attacked at Pearl Harbor 70 years ago. There's 3 military bases near by, and it's extremely isolated from the rest of the 49 states.

9. Omaha, Nebraska:

Omaha seems interesting to make the Top 10 List, but only 10 miles away is the Offutt Air Force Base. Fun Fact: During the 9/11 attacks, this is where President Bush was flown to.

10. Ogden, Utah:

Finally, we reach Ogden, Utah. Obviously that's where Hill Air Force Base is. It's the second largest military facility in the nation in terms of population.








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5 Plays Tuacahn Said "ABSOLUTELY NOT" To Doing This Year

Going to Tuacahn is ALWAYS a good time! Selfishly, I loved it even more when they did more Plays instead of Musicals. However, People love the Musicals, and Tuacahn isn't struggling to get a crowd! Over the years, I've had some AWESOME ideas of some plays Tuacahn should put on...

These are the Plays that Tuacahn said ABSOLUTELY NOT to doing this year:

jamie dornan goals GIF

50 Shades Of Grey:

A book/film franchise about a young girl who is relatively inexperienced in the sexual realm of the world. She meets a man and begins an affair with him filled with pleasure and pain! Come on! The crowd at Tuacahn would LOVE THIS!

Human Centipede, The Musical:

crash test GIF by Crash Test with Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer

A psycho German surgeon has a fantasy of connecting humans through their gastric systems. He follows his dreams and goals and makes it a reality. People are connected from their bums to someone else's mouth. This could be a fun musical for around Halloween time, since it is a little spooky!

Dahmer, The Musical:

black and white 90s GIF

Notorious Serial Killer, Jeffrey Dahmer was known for eating his victims. The series "Dahmer" was huge on Netflix and it feels like everyone watched it. That could help Tuacahn has sell-outs EVERY NIGHT this summer, but they said no!


mad bambi GIF

A Disney play for the kids! The only issue Tuacahn would probably have with this play is... Bambi's mom is shot and killed by a hunter. That would be A LOT of Deer being killed on the Tuacahn stage each night, and that would be a big investment... So pricy!

Moulin Rouge:

lil kim pink GIF by Christina Aguilera

A beautiful story of a man falling in love! They end up in Paris, France and take control of the city through drugs and prostitution. Who doesn't LOVE the 2001 hit"Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Lil' Kim, and Mya? They could play it every night and everyone would be up on their feet dancing! Sounds like a home run to me!

What do you think? What plays would YOU like to see at Tuacahn next year?!

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RIP: Part Of Our St. George Childhood Has Been KILLED!

For those that grew up in St. George, Fiesta Fun has FOR SURE been a staple in your upbringing! You've been there when It was the old building, and when there was a driving range. The Go-Carts, the mini-golf, the bumper boats, the batting cages, and the arcade! Now, Fiesta Fun is much bigger! There's a huge bowling alley and even laser tag!

Fiesta Fun

Fiesta Fun

Today, I drove past Fiesta Fun to see that a part of my childhood has died. The Fiesta Fun Go-Kart track is completely gone. It's torn to bits. Not only the Go-Kart track, but also the Bumper Boat pond. They're both being renovated to be bigger!

According to Fiesta Fun, the Go-Kart track, which was 700 feet in length will now be 900 feet in length! The pond will also be much "Bigger and Better" according to Fiesta Fun. The boats closed down on October 1, 2023, and the last ride on the old Go-Kart track was in late November, 2023.

The good news in all this... Is that the new Go-Kart track should be opened in February of 2024, so we're almost there! It's also set to be so much better and way more fun! No word yet on if the Go-Karts or Bumper Boats will be upgraded, or just the track and pond.

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Ew: Southern Utah's UGLIEST Eye Sores!

What is an "Eye Sore"? Google gives the definition of "Something displeasing to the sight."

St. George, Utah is gorgeous... But it definitely has it's fair share of Eye Sores around town... Here are some of the TOP EYE SORES according to Southern Utah's Citizens!

The question of "What are some of the WORST EYE SORES in Southern Utah??", was posted onto the Facebook group: St. George Word Of Mouth.

Here are some of the TOP Eye Sores in St. George:

The Old Magelby's/ Crystal Inn on Hilton Drive:

This place is ROUGH! Luckily though, someone has bought it and is redoing it! It will be pretty again and not such an eyesore... But right now, it needs a lot of help!

Jim McCune says "The big red hillside scar by the D takes the cake!":

I've noticed this my whole life here in St. George and it looks pretty awful. I'm not exactly sure what the plan was here... But It's taken a ton of beauty away from that hillside.

The Chevron in Hurricane:

Google Maps

This one had A TON of submissions on Facebook. I used to go to this Burger King drive-thru as a kid with my grandpa... but now: YIKES!

These boarded up condos off Bluff Street that are LITERALLY falling off the hill:

I believe the culprit is BLUE CLAY. The homes are quite literally sliding off this hill. The homes look condemned and boarded up. I know a few have been removed out of fear of them crashing down into Pier 49 Pizza.

The old Dairy Queen also off Bluff Street:

The old Dairy Queen building is just below the condemned condos, and they've been gone for probably close to 8 years now. I had many great memories in this building... and now: It just looks HAUNTED AND SPOOKY!

This new... Dead Weed, Dead Tree, Gravel Area at the Bloomington Walmart:

I was driving home from the Bloomington Walmart the other day and noticed THIS monstrosity! It used to be a grass area where people would eat, and play with their dogs. But apparently the drought made them pull the grass out and put in gravel. Now the trees are dying, the bushes are dying... and lots of weeds too. It's pretty bad.

Julie Caplin says "The New Mormon Temple in Washington":

This one totally surprised me. I have no affiliation to this temple, but MAN, I think it's a gorgeous building. Is this an EYE SORE? What do you think?!

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Times St. George, Utah Was Mentioned On HUGE TV Shows!

Canva / Getty Images

1. Breaking Bad:

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Breaking Bad... The GREATEST show of all time mentions St. George, Utah! THAT'S RIGHT! ST. GEORGE, UTAH WAS IN BREAKING BAD... Kinda.

Remember the NOTORIOUS Plane Crash where things were falling from the skies and the entire city of Albuquerque was morning? Do you remember that one of the planes that crashed was a chartered plane FROM ST. GEORGE, UTAH?! Yep! Our claim to fame!

2. SNL:

"Saturday Night Live" Season Premiere

November 1, 2014 during Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update... St. George, Utah was mentioned by host Colin Jost. This happened because a "Dance" was happening at Fiesta Family Fun Center... WITHOUT A PERMIT! They shut down the dance! NO DANCING ALLOWED! Jost said: "Residents of St. George, Utah, are upset about a new city ordinance that prohibits dancing events without a permit. I’m on it, said Kevin Bacon."

Another claim to fame... This one, kind of embarrassing.

3. Prison Break:


I was minding my own business watching Fox's hit show: Prison Break and I saw THIS very recognizable place... But wait! That IS NOT Albuquerque! That is my home town, St. George, Utah! Things have changed a little bit since then, but the road you're looking down on is Bluff Street looking north toward Sunset Boulevard. But those red bluffs are TOO RECOGNIZABLE!

4. When this went ULTRA VIRAL everywhere:

Remember during the pandemic when people from all over gathered in St. George for a "No Mask Rally"? Well, this lady stole the show with her comments..."Another reason I hate masks: Most child molesters love 'em." Not our finest moment on TV.

5.Jimmy Kimmel Live!:

Youtube: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Remember during Covid when Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Aniston surprised St. George nurse, Kimball Fairbanks? She was a nurse who contracted Covid and was separated from her children. They hung out for a while before Postmates gifted Kimball with a $10,000 Gift Card, and gift cards for all the nurses on Kimball's floor at the St. George Hospital.

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The LDS Church NEEDS To Change THIS... And Attendance Will SKYROCKET In Southern Utah!


Nowhere in the Bible does it say "CHURCH NEEDS TO BE BORING!" If church wants to see higher attendance, we need to add a little fun and excitement into the building! Here's my ideas!

1. Clapping and Cheering after someone speaks, performs, or prays:


Every time I'm at church, or a funeral... It always feels SO WEIRD to not cheer for someone after they just belted out a 3 minute song, or a great speech! I'm like COME ON GUYS! GIVE IT UP FOR MY GUY!I'd LOVE to give a speech that I put a week into and have people cheer for me.

2. Popcorn Vendor going up and down the aisles:


It doesn't have to be distracting, but It could help keep me awake and eating popcorn hurts NOBODY. I think this should definitely be a thing!

3: Eating allowed:


Again, more eating. Let's do a potluck starting at 11:30. Get your plate of food, go sit down and eat while the meeting is happening. I can listen and eat. I will probably listen EVEN BETTER if I get to eat during the meeting!

4. TV's with the game on behind the pulpit:


A lot of people miss out on church because there's a big game on! Boom, put a couple TVs in! Volume down, of course. That doesn't hurt ANYBODY!

5. MORE crazy people:


Have you ever been to church when a crazy person starts going on about some nonsense at the pulpit, and they drag them off the stage? I have! And it's awesome! Plus... Great marketing for church in general! You know you would go to work the next day and tell EVERYONE about it! People would go "Shoot! I wanna go to church and see that!"

6. Better Hours! Start Church at Noon daily:


What is this "Start church at 9am" BS?! It's the WEEKEND! LET ME SLEEP IN! Noon seems fine. Sleep until 11. Shower. Head on down for a fun couple hours at church!

7. Live Music:


I know some churches do this... Why not more? God gave these people amazing talents. SHOW THEM OFF! That's way better than hearing about some guy taking down a giant with a rock! I wanna see REAL LIFE GOD GIVEN TALENT!

8. Slideshows prepared by speaker:


Instead of boring me with your speech about your mission... Build a slideshow that runs behind you! I'm a VISUAL LEARNER! Take a couple hours, build an awesome slide show, and I'll definitely pay better attention!

9. Themed Days:


I love a THEMED DAY! Hippie Day. Camouflage Day. Funny Hat Day. There are SO MANY possibilities! This could be a lot of fun. If someone was like "Hey it's Sports Jersey Day at church, man." YOU KNOW You'd be like... alright let me find my Jerry Rice jersey!

10. Less Bible stuff... More "How to be a great person" Stuff:


This one I believe to my absolute CORE! We're here to be better people. Let's have some speeches about that! I wanna hear how you broke your addiction to cocaine and strippers and how you're here today with your family! Tell me how you built your business up to 1000 employees! I'm SO INTERESTED in that!

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The Deals Have Arrived: Bed Bath & Beyond Going Out Of Business Sale Has Began!

Bed Bath & Beyond announced earlier this week, they'll be closing their doors permanently. They are NO LONGER accepting any coupons, however!

Here are the deals they've got in store TODAY:

30% off mirrors:

Sale: $3.00 glassware!

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

25% off Our Table open stock Mugs & Glasses:

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

25% off Simply Essential Placemats:

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

25% Off Everhome Cora Over-The-Toilet Space Saver:

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

25% off Nest Well Slippers:

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

25% off Studio 3B & Everhome Toilet Accessories:

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

Buy one, get one 50% off Everhome Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels (Solid Colors only):

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

Bed Bath & Beyond Sale Priced Items

The sales will increase as Bed Bath & Beyond get closer to closing their doors forever. Once again, Bed Bath & Beyond will NOT accept your coupons from here on.

I will update as more sales happen!

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ANOTHER Southern Utah Store Files For Bankruptcy, Closing All Stores

Bed. Bath. Beyond. Bye. Bye.

Bed Bath And Beyond Issues Bankruptcy Warning

That's right. Bed Bath & Beyond is a GONER! The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. ALL 360 locations will be closing, as well as the 120 Buy Buy Baby stores.

However, the 360 Bed Bath & Beyond stores and the 120 Buy Buy Baby stores will remain open for the time being as it works to liquidate assets.

Bed Bath & Beyond has been hanging by a thread for some time, and they've tried many Hail Mary, last ditch efforts... coming up empty handed.

Word on the street is: your 20%-off coupons will NOT be accepted on Wednesday, SO GO USE THEM BEFORE WEDNESDAY, THE 26TH!

Bed Bath & Beyond expects to offer "Deep Discounts" on their products as part of it's going-out-of-business sales. We can even expect to see 70% off liquidation prices!

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There's an opening in a pretty PRIME SPOT in Washington!

The location is next to Kohl's in the parking lot by In-N-Out Burger, Del Taco, and Best Buy. What could it be?

In the facebook group "St. George Word Of Mouth", somebody asked this question:

What is going in next to Kohl’s? I’ve heard some people say TJ Maxx and others say Ross. Please let it be TJ Maxx!"

The comments blew up, with some people saying they heard it was TJ Maxx or Marshall's. Some people hoping for a Trader Joe's, while others are hoping for a Hobby Lobby.

According to the comments, it seems evident that the store coming to that location is...

ROSS DRESS FOR LESS! (Their 2nd location in the St. George Area.)

How To Get The NEW Black & White Utah License Plates (13)

Some are happy about a 2nd Ross location, while others are upset... Like Kathi Darhar who said, "We dont need another ross. They are junky stores." and Jennifer Guzman who said, "ROSS SUCKS!"

However, multiple commenters have confirmed it is, indeed, Ross Dress For Less. Apparently, this has been years in the works to get their 2nd location there, and they now have the Washington City Permits.

Here are some stores I believe would be/ could be a BIG HIT here in Southern Utah.

  • Cheesecake Factory! (How do we not have one yet?!)
  • Trader Joe's (I have a feeling one is coming In the new Desert Color development)
  • Hobby Lobby (I've never even been inside one, I just know everybody drools over Hobby Lobby!)
  • Menard's (These are HUGE in the midwest. It's like a Home Depot meets Target meets Walmart. LOVE THAT PLACE! You can get ANYTHING there!)
  • Urban Outfitters (UO is in nearly EVERY major mall in America, the prices are expensive but I REALLY LOVE that place. It's always packed!

I know someday soon i'll be here writing about a great HUGE store coming to Southern Utah! I can't wait!

Photo Credit: Google Maps.

Gif Credit:

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How To Get The NEW Black & White Utah License Plates (2024)


How much are the black and white license plates in Utah? ›

Since July, they've eared almost 2 million dollars. The black license plates cost the same as other specialty plates. An initial cost of $25 and then $25 annually to register them.

Does Utah offer black license plates? ›

“Let's be honest, the reason to have these plates is because they're cool,” he says. “I think if you ask anybody who got them they would answer yes, I got them because they look cool on my car.” To the Utah Historical Society, black is beyond cool. At $25 per plate, the organization has already received $1.7 million.

When did Utah have black and white license plates? ›

Historical Colors of Utah License Plates
YearBackground ColorNumerals
54 more rows

Can you get pulled over for not having a front license plate in Utah? ›

According to Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Cameron Roden, drivers should know the license plate requirement in Utah is currently a second offense. This means you can not get pulled over just for a missing front-end license plate.

How long does it take to get a black and white license plate in Utah? ›

You should expect to receive your personalized plates within eight weeks of placing your order.

Is it legal to have one license plate in Utah? ›

While SB45 eliminates the need for dual plates, it doesn't become official Utah law until Jan. 1, 2025. So technically, if a driver is stopped and is missing a front license plate, they still could be ticketed for the infraction.

How many different Utah license plates are there? ›

Utah has three standard issue plates and a variety of other plates available, and most can be personalized. The sections below show our standard issue, special group, and exempt plates. The detailed menu also gives information on many other plate types, and additional information regarding Utah license plates.

Can I use my old license plate on my new car in Utah? ›

The newly acquired vehicle requires a different registration period from that of the vehicle previously owned. B. License plates may be transferred only if the application for transfer is made in the name of the original registered owner, unless the owner's name has been changed by marriage, divorce, or court order.

What year can you have black and white plates? ›

Those vehicles with a construction date prior to 1 January 1980 will continue to be able to legally display black and silver number plates to avoid any undue costs of replacement. On top of this, from the 1 January 2021 it will no longer be permissible to fix a new number plate displaying a Euro symbol.

What states have a black and white license plate? ›

Delaware has black plates with white letters. Most are smaller than normal plates and are considered prestigious to own as they are quite old and either get passed down from generation to generation or are sold for significant sums of money.

Is Utah's new license plate so popular there's a waitlist for it? ›

SALT LAKE CITY — It is the trendiest thing at the DMV. Utah's new black and white license plate is so popular, there is now a six to eight week waitlist to get one. "People love it!" Utah State Tax Commissioner John Valentine told FOX 13 News. "It looks really cool and it's retro."

Are license plate covers illegal in Utah? ›

An individual may not attach a tinted or translucent license plate cover that obscures the readability of the license plate as required in Subsection (1). A violation of this section is an infraction.

Is it illegal to drive without a front bumper in Utah? ›

A motor vehicle shall be equipped with a bumper on both front and rear of the motor vehicle, except a motor vehicle that was not originally designed or manufactured with a bumper or bumpers. extend no less than the width of the respective wheel track distance.

What states is it illegal to not have a front license plate? ›

The 29 states in the United States which require front license plates on automobiles are: California. Colorado. Connecticut.

What state has black and white license plates? ›

Delaware has black plates with white letters. Most are smaller than normal plates and are considered prestigious to own as they are quite old and either get passed down from generation to generation or are sold for significant sums of money.

What color is the Utah license plate? ›

In a new video shared on social media, the "secret" to how the black and white license plates are created was revealed, and no, Santa's Workshop has nothing to do with the process. The Utah Department of Corrections showed the plates being produced through its inmate work programs.

How much extra are black license plates in California? ›

Motorists who've placed orders for the iconic plates will begin receiving them in two to three weeks, Gatto's office said. The new plates, which will cost $50, can be ordered by anyone, regardless of their car's age. Black plates can be personalized, like other plates, and plates will also be available for motorcycles.

Does Utah have 2 license plates? ›

SALT LAKE CITY — Most Utahns will no longer be issued two license plates and will no longer be required to have a front license plate by next year, under a new Utah law. Gov. Spencer Cox signed SB45 Thursday night, along with many other state bills that cleared the Utah Legislature.

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