My Light, My Life, My Child - Chapter 14 - MisticRays, Toshi_Beanie (2024)

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Alastor made his way back to Cannibal Town as quickly as he could. His little run in with Roo had caused a panic deep within him, something he wanted to squash sooner rather than later.

Appearing before Rosie's shop, he rapped on the door urgently and waited with a tapping foot for his friend.

Rosie cautiously opened the door and when she saw it Alastor she opened the door wider for Elena.

"Elena, look who's here!" Rosie cooed. Elena looked up from her bows she was sorting through for the 100th and her face lit up. She could not contain her joy as she squealed, crawling to him as fast as her little body could.

He swept into the room and fell to the floor, opening his arms wide for Elena as she crawled to him. He scooped her up and held her close, trying to not squeeze her too tightly as he did so.

"Bël bebe...piti bebe...pitit fe.” He cooed to her in his language. Elena immediately started rubbing her face into his neck as she continued to laugh and squeal with happiness, pulling tightly against his coat.

"Was she okay?" He spoke to Rosie, glancing up at his friend.

"Absolutely!" She sat in a nearby chair. "She only got upset when she would look for you. She was an absolute sweetheart.”

He stood up carefully, wincing slightly as it pulled at the wound, before carrying Elena over to a seat and sitting down as well.

"Good. I'm glad." He rubbed Elena's back. "It was a rough battle.”

"I can see that." Rosie wasn't stupid. He didn't have the pep in his step he usually does even with his good mood. "Are you alright?"

Elena just laid against his chest for some much needed cuddle time, which Alastor was grateful to have. He tried to think of a lie but knew Rosie would see right through him. She always did. Reaching up, he unbuttoned his jacket and shirt a bit, revealing the bloodied bandages underneath.

"Oh my stars, Alastor! Does it need stitching?!” Rosie went to stand but Alastor waved her off.

"Niffty did that. know her." He winced as he looked down at his chest. "It was an Angelic weapon...and it's not healing like normal wounds do.”

"That's not surprising. I could give you a remedy if you think that will help." Rosie stood anyways and began to rummage around her various bottles of potions and lotions.

He nodded. He wasn't sure what good a remedy would do, but it was something. He felt little fingers poke at the bandages and looked down, seeing Elena looking at them. Elena studied the bandages. They were red and white. She'd never seen them before. She was curious as she ran her hand over them. They were bumpy and stiff. She attempted to get her fingers under one of the edges of it.

"Ah, ah. No, we're not going to play with those." He took her small hand in his much larger one, bringing it up to kiss her fingertips. She smiled. She knew what no meant, and if Alastor said no, then there was a reason. She laughed a little, shaking her head no to show she understood. He smiled at her and booped her nose.

"Good girl." He conjured something for her, a doe to go with her deer but smaller, like her. "You." He pointed to the small doe. He then had one of his shadows bring the larger deer over. "Me.”

She took the buck with a squeal.

"Dadadada!” Elena hugged both toys gleefully, moving back and forth slightly as she rocked them.

He blinked. "Rosie?...Rosie, come here.”

"Is everything alright?” Rosie came back a little quicker with bottles in tow.

"She changed her....what did you call it? Babble? Listen." He pointed to the buck again. "Me.”

"Dadada!!" Elena repeated with a giggle.

"Oh my goodness, is that your daddy, sweetheart?!" Rosie's face lit up. Elena giggled as she hugged the buck to her.

"Dadada!” She was so happy right now. She had her daddy back and all was right in the world again.

"Is she trying to say 'dad'?" He titled his head at Rosie, eyebrow raised.

"She's about 9 months. That's usually when they try to start mimicking sounds. She's obviously heard people refer to you as her daddy before.”

He looked down at Elena, eyes softening. He pointed to himself. "Dad?”

"Dada!” She held the buck up to him.

"Very good, little one!" He ruffled her hair and chuckled. She laughed before hugging him close, rubbing her face into him before sneezing.

"Was that necessary?” He made a face that caused Elena to squeal with laughter. Rosie could help but to laugh at the moment as well.

"She really missed you. You're a lucky man having such a sweet little angel in your life.” Rosie grinned at the two of them.

"What a pair we make. The demon and the angel.” He pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his face.

"To think the Radio Demon could be tamed so easily by such a cutie. Off topic, but now that the exterminations are over, what are your plans?” Rosie sat back down and crossed her legs, staring at Alastor curiously.

He buttoned his shirt back up and shrugged. "See how far the Princess can go. She's inspired so many sinners!”

"So I've heard! I've also heard you get to work alongside the King of Hell himself too. You must be thrilled!" She gave him a knowing smirk as Elena started to climb down from his lap.

He winced at the mention of Lucifer joining their numbers full time.

"That insufferable idiot…” Alastor muttered, shaking his head.

"Is he really that bad or are you just being territorial?" Rosie pondered, eyebrow raising.

Elena was holding onto the couch as she attempted to walk to the bows she had abandoned with both the deer in tow. Unfortunately, she dropped onto her butt when she tried to let go, opting for crawling.

"He is a fool, a clown! If he wasn't King, I'd have his soul trapped in a deal just for the pleasure of torturing it. Though I must admit, he is rather talented with music and trustworthy to an almost dangerous degree." He watched Elena absentmindedly as she went for the bows.

"Well, he did let you keep Elena, so he can't be all bad." Rosie reached for the bottles she brought in and held them out. "Put this on your wound before bed. Should help heal it a little faster." Elena put a green bow on one of the bucks antlers and laughed. He smiled at the child's antics before turning to Rosie. He accepted the bottles with a nod.

"I should be getting her back. Charlie is anxious to see Elena and make sure she is alright.” Alastor sighed, knowing there was going to be a lot of yelling soon. In joy of course.

"Of course! You bring her back soon, sweetie! It's going to be so quiet without her sweet voice!” Rosie commanded. He nodded and stood, sending the bottles to the Hotel before scooping up Elena in his arms. Bad move. Pain radiated but he didn't let it show, instead he tucked Elena into the crook of his arm, her toys and bows in his other hand, and headed on their way.

Alastor appeared in the Hotel with Elena in his arms, snuggled in safely. She had been away too long, he loathed every second of it, and now that she was back with him he wasn't about to let her go again.

Charlie was working diligently on some new plans to restart the redemption program with Vaggie when she saw them. She could hardly contain herself as she reached out for Elena who giggled, allowing herself to be pulled into the princesses arms for a hug. Okay well, Alastor would let Elena go for that.

"ELENA!!! Oh my gosh, we missed you so much!” Charlie squeezed as she hugged the small child close to her, Elena returning the hug just as enthusiastically.

"The little darling was every bit the lady I'm raising her to be!" He beamed proudly as Charlie and Elena laughed together. Vaggie was a little more calm than Charlie as she joined them, but smiled as Elena reached for her too. She pulled Charlie in too for a small group hug.

"You've gotten so big!! And you got a new bow! Ah, we should celebrate!!" Charlie cooed at Elena. It had only been a few short weeks but Elena had shot up like a weed!

"We can't have a party every time she comes home, babe.” Vaggie laughed.

"Well, I'm sure Elena would love to see everyone together again. Why not have dinner together?” Alastor hummed as he set Elena's things down. It would give him an excuse to make a big dinner too.

"Yes! That sounds perfect! We can make a bunch of soft foods for her to eat and maybe watch a movie afterwards!" Charlie spun with Elena slightly who squealed happily.

Angel Dust came down the stairs just then, his eyes glued to his phone before he heard the soft and familiar coos of Elena.

"Holy sh*t, is that my little Ele?!" He came over and Elena cooed happily as he lifted her into his arms. "Where you been, doll? It feels like it's been ages!!”

"I know, right?! She's gotten so big!” Charlie grinned as she watched the two reconnect.

There was a warmth in Alastor's chest, something he was unfamiliar with but it wasn't entirely unwelcome. Rather, it made his smile grow larger. How odd.

Elena nuzzled into Angel’s fluff as he looked back to Alastor.

"You must feel loads better, eh, Smiles?” Angel grinned as Elena settled herself into his arms.

"I am indeed glad she is back where she belongs! It has been a rather trying time." Not to mention Alastor had been increasingly worried as time went on, especially after the visit from Roo.

"Dadada!" Elena reached out to Alastor again as the rest of them gasped.

"Did she just...?!” Charlie gasped, eyes glistening.

He scooped Elena into his arms and nuzzled her cheek.

"Ah! Yes, that did happen earlier as well." Alastor beamed. "She knows me.”

Charlie was practically in tears as Vaggie rubbed her back for comfort.

"Oh my gosh, she knows who her daddy is!” Charlie felt like she wanted to cry, it was such a happy moment for them.

"Dadadadi!” Elena hugged Alastor's neck with a laugh.

"That's right, little fawn." He chuckled. "Now, shall we go prepare supper?”

"Dad's up in his room working. I'm sure he'd love to see her.” Charlie gave him a soft smile and puppy dog eyes that screamed please.

Alastor wrinkled his nose and sighed. He couldn't deny Elena the chance to see the fool, in any case.

"Very well." Alastor turned and headed for the stairs instead.

Lucifer had told Charlie he was working, but in Lucifer's room, the lights were out, the room was a mess filled with boxes of stuff he hadn't unpacked yet and the poor man was in bed, curled into a tight ball. His pajamas hadn't been changed in... Oh, shoot, he's forgotten by now. And he hadn't been out the door in... Uhhhhh, what day was it? It didn't matter. The fight against Adam was playing on repeat in his head. Charlie's friend died and it was his fault. Adam died and it was his fault. All those sinners that came to help and died were his fault. He shouldn't have let that happen. He shouldn't have been that selfish. And now he can't fix it.

Alastor knocked on the door loudly before calling out.

"I have a present for you! It's pink and squirmy!” Alastor called through the door, grinning down at Elena who was trying to knock on the door herself. It ended up being just soft taps with her open palm.

Lucifer sighed. It would be Alastor that would come knocking. He slowly stood, snapping his fingers so he was in proper clothing and pushing his tattered hair back. He was not going to let Alastor see him in a depressed state like before. He opened the door, but his frown immediately became a beaming smile as he realised who he was talking about.

"ELENA!!" Lucifer reached out for her and she gladly fell into his arms. "Oh my gosh, I missed you so much, starlight!!" He spun her around happily as he pulled her into his room. "Are you ok? Did any of those cannibals hurt you? I hope you weren't too scared. You've gotten so big!! Look at you!!”

"She insisted on coming to see you. Practically dragged me up the stairs.” Alastor sighed dramatically, like the task had been a hard one.

"Aw, you're such a precious little princess!" Lucifer turned his attention to Alastor as he let her play with his bowtie. "She was ok right?”

"Only got fussy a few times when she couldn't find me. Oh! Speaking of." Alastor tapped his chest. "Elena. Who am I?”

She reached for him with a wide smile.

"Dadadi!!” Elena squealed happily and kicked her little legs.

It took everything Lucifer had not to scream with joy as he nuzzled into her cheek.

"Oh my Father, her first word!!!! I'm so proud of you, starlight!! Ah, say it again! Say it again! Who is that?” Lucifer pointed at Alastor again, grinning widely as Elena giggled.

"Dadadi!!” Elena said again, happy to be back with her two favourite people and seeing their happiness too.

"Ahhhhhhh, she's so cuuuute!!!!!” Lucifer sobbed and nuzzled Elena again.

"Who is this?" Alastor pointed to Lucifer.

"Dadadi!” Elena patted Lucifer's cheek, making him practically choke as he looked at Alastor.

"Uhhhh, not quite.” Lucifer grunted in awkwardness.

Alastor hid his mouth and snickered at Lucifer's discomfort. "That's Lucifer, darling heart.”

She cooed slightly as she pushed her little hands into his cheeks, forcing him to smile slightly. She giggled.

"Oo oo!” Elena couldn't say Lucifer's name yet, it was a hard one to say.

Lucifer laughed, letting her continue to use his cheeks as putty.

"Lulu is close enough! We'll take it!” Lucifer grinned as Elena patted his cheeks again.

“My big girl. My bël bebe.” Alastor opened his arms for Elena and smiled. She reached for him with a smile as she squeaked with happiness.

"Dadadi!” It was her new favourite word. It made Alastor so happy and she liked seeing him happy.

"Now then. I promised a big dinner for tonight and I must deliver!" Alastor began for the door. "Shall you help me?" He glanced back over to Lucifer.

For only a moment, his smile dropped before he forced it back in place.

"I uh... really can't today. Got lots of important work to do. Ya know, King of Hell stuff. You guys will be fine without me.” Lucifer chuckled without humour and waved Alastor away.

"Ah yes. Of course. Wallowing. Very important. Come Elena! He has important wallowing!" Alastor slipped out of the room with a grin.

Lucifer blinked for a moment before he huffed in irritation, following him out the door.

"Excuse me? I said King of Hell stuff! What the hell makes you think I would be wallowing?!” Lucifer stomped after Alastor with his hands on his hips and a frown on his face.

"What stuff were you doing before I knocked?” Alastor turned to Lucifer with a smirk and a raised brow.

He stumbled with his words for a moment before jabbing a finger at Alastor.

"Important things!” Lucifer yelled.

"Name. Them." He won, he knew he had.

Lucifer narrowed his eyes at Alastor which made Elena giggle. Of course, the walking cherry lollipop would expect him to do that. He rolled his eyes before making his way past Alastor to the stairs.

"Fine, I'll deal with the important things that are none of your business later.” Lucifer grumbled in defeat.

"Mmhm." Alastor grinned and followed Lucifer downstairs to the kitchen. This was fun! Lucifer had so many buttons to press!

As they made their way to the lobby, Lucifer couldn't help but glance over at Alastor a few times before clearing his throat and breaking the silence.

"Thanks for listening to me. Ya know, about getting away from Adam when things got shaky. I found blood on the roof. Did he hurt you bad?” Lucifer tried to sound indifferent but it didn't work out very well.

"A scratch, nothing more." Alastor grinned but it was a lie. The pain radiating from the wound was constant, and the blasted thing still refused to heal.

"Good! Not gonna deny, I was worried. Didn't want Charlie to lose two friends because of me.” Lucifer chuckled lightly.

"Oh? Well, I must say. I'm touched you would worry yourself over lil ol' me." Alastor grinned, eyes narrowing in mischief.

Lucifer huffed slightly which made Elena giggle.

"Don't be so full of yourself. I was worried about Charlie getting heartbroken more than she already is.” Lucifer rolled his eyes and shook his head. Typical sinner.

"I'm flattered, your highness. Truly, I am." Alastor peered down at Lucifer gleefully. This was a fun button to press.

"You're such an ass." Despite his words, he couldn't hide the smirk on his face as they continued to the lobby.

My Light, My Life, My Child - Chapter 14 - MisticRays, Toshi_Beanie (2024)
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