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  • U20 Марина Лопатина (RUS) 11/ 13:51 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 20-24 Таисия Чернова (RUS) 12 / 7:22 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 25-29 Vivian Oliva (AUS) 12 / 3:15 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 30-34 Yulia Minnakhmetova (RUS) 11 / 9:42 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 35-39 Анна Карасева (RUS) 12 / 6:03 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 40-44 Emma Teede (AUS) 4 / 9:21 Moscow Russia 2019

Mixed Team Relay

Team Russia
Потапов Виталий, Ларина Анастасия, Хайдуков Никита, Леонова Юлия
12 / 2:30 Moscow Russia 2019


Obstacle World Records must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Measurable – Can be measured objectively
  • Breakable – Record titles must be open to being challenged
  • Standardised – Be held on a World Obstacle / international standardised, approved and verified course

Download the Guide to Evidence.


  • U20 Мартьянов Алексей (RUS) 12 / 2:37 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 20-24 Мартьянов Алексей (RUS) 12 / 2:26 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 25-29 Игорь Пермяков (RUS) 12 / 1:57 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 30-34 Фоменко Антон (RUS) 12 / 1:38 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 35-39 Pavel Krejci (POL) 12 / 1:52 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 40-44 Павел Макарычев (RUS) 12 / 2:47 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 45-49 Ian Adamson (AUS) 10 / 5:15 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 50-54 Ian Adamson (AUS) 10 / 5:15 Moscow Russia 2019
  • 55-59 Ian Adamson (AUS) 10 / 5:15 Moscow Russia 2019



Vivian Oliva (AUS) 12 / 3:15 Moscow Russia 2019


Фоменко Антон (RUS) 12 / 1:38 Moscow Russia 2019



OCR 100M


Precious Cabuya (PHI) watch her qualification run! (33.127 sec)
32.732 seconds
6 May 2023, Southeast Asia Games, Phnom Penh

OCR 100M


Mark Julius Rodelas (PHI) watch his run!
25.092 seconds
3 May 2023, Southeast Asia Games, Phnom Penh

Please email the Competitions Committee for the standardised OCR 100m course specification [emailprotected].

Video courtesy of Epik Engineering, approved provider

Altitude OCR

The highest altitude obstacle course race is 5,714 m (18,746.72 ft) achieved at the Altitude OCR World Championships on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania on 19 September 2021, by Ian Adamson, Jason Stanley, Luke Hepworth, Parker Schamehorn (AUS), Kristina Madsen (DEN), David Pickles, Robert Edmond, Rachel King, Toby Sprakes, Jamin Heppell, Emily Walker, Emma Newcomb, (GBR), Gada Shaikli (IRQ), Zaynab Jogi, Kam Kaur (INA), Sandi Menchi Abahan, Silamie Gutang, Monolito Divina, Elias Tabac, Thumbie Remigo (PHI), Nikki Caromba, Marco Caromba (RSA), Segei Alipov, Seva Alipov (RUS), Urs Mosimann (SUI), Heidi Williams, Cheyenne Doig, David Ashley, Alvin Arzadon, Daniel Turner, Yara Alves, Donna Boots, Victor Dragano (USA), and Mussa Michael Mwakyusa (TAN)

View the Highest Altitude Obstacle Course Race Guinness World Record.

The greatest ascent and descent on an obstacle course race is 3,019 m (9,904 ft / 1.87 miles) achieved at the Altitude OCR World Championships from Lukla, Nepal to Mt. Kalapata from 10-11 November 2022 by Ian Adamson (AUS), Michel Grenier, Chantal Lacasse and Jason Desaulniers (CAN), Robert Edmond, Becky Neal, David Pickles, Emily Walker and Philip Clark (GBR), Konstantinos Michos (GRE), Szilard Ferencsik (HUN), Kam Kaur (IND), Anima Sherpa (NEP), Ailene Tolentino, Sandi Menchi, Andrico Mahilum and Thumbie Remigio (PHI), Thomas Basson (RSA), Charlie Engle, Steven Kaufman, Alex Miller, Cheyenne Doig, Michael Linnane, Yara Alves, Amy Remington, Aliyah Emas, Christopher Hoover, Donna Boots, David Berkoff, Dan Charko and Jason Perkins (USA)

View the Guinness World Record.

Obstacle Fitness Class

The highest altitude fitness class is 5,714 m (18746.72 ft) achieved at an event organised by World’s Highest OCR & World Obstacle on Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania on 19 September 2021.

View the Highest Altitude Fitness Class Guinness World Record.

OCR 400M

Mixed Team Relay

Nathaniel Sanchez, Jeffrey Reginio, Diana Buhler and Keilah Rodriguez (PHI)
1 minutes 59.56 seconds
SEA Games – Manila Philippines 2019

OCR 400M

Mixed Team Assist

Monolito Divina, Kyle Antolin, Deanne Moncada and Kaizen Dela Serna (PHI)
3 minutes 48.35 seconds
SEA Games – Manila Philippines 2019


Single Ascent – Women

4.32 seconds: Mhick Tejares (PHI) and Sarah Lim (PHI)

1 minute Multiple Ascents – Women

7 ascents / 57.0 seconds: Precious Que (PHI)

5 minutes Multiple Ascents – Women

15 ascents / 4:57 seconds: Kat Santos (PHI)

Single Ascent – Men

2.23 seconds: Kevin Pascua (PHI)

1 minute Multiple Ascents – Men

9 ascents / 48.9 seconds: Mark Julius Rodelas (PHI)


5 minutes Multiple Ascents – Men

25 ascents / 5:00 minutes: Manolito Divina (PHI)

Single Ascent – Youth U12

6.24 seconds: Gavin Ti (PHI)

1 minute Multiple Ascents – Youth U12

5 ascents / 56.0 seconds: Gavin Ti (PHI)

5 minutes Multiple Ascents – Youth U12

No record


Single Lap – Women

3.51 seconds: Rochelle Suarez (PHI)

1 minute Set Time – Women

7 laps / 57.93 seconds: Rochelle Suarez (PHI)

5 Minute Set Time – Women

20 laps / 4:55 minutes: Rochelle Suarez (PHI)

Single Lap – Male

2.67 seconds: Nathaniel Sanchez (PHI)

1 minute Set Time – Men

8 laps / 54.2 seconds: Mark Juliaus Rodelas (PHI)

Farthest Distance on Monkey Bars in One Minute

The Guinness World Record for the farthest distance travelled on monkey bars in one minute is 54.50 m (178.80 ft), and was achieved by Olivia Vivian (Australia), in Perth, Australia, on 8 January 2021. Olivia is the Ninja World Champion, World Record Holder and an artistic gymnast who competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics as well as multiple World Championships.


5 Minute Set Time – Men

30 laps / 4:51 minutes: Nathaniel Sanchez (PHI)

Single Lap – Youth U12

9.29 seconds: Gavin Ti (PHI)

1 minute Set Time – Youth U12

5 laps / 59.68 seconds: Gavin Ti (PHI)

5 Minute Set Time – Youth U12

No Record


World Record Guide to Evidence (pdf) Download OCR 100m Guide to Setting Records (pdf) Download OCR 100m Course Specification Manual (pdf) Download OCR 100m Course Overview (pdf) Download OCR 100m Course Layout (pdf) Download



What is the longest obstacle course in the world? ›

The Tartan Titan
  • Opened Opened in 2022.
  • Voted Worlds longest in 2022 at 600m.
  • Great fun for Adults and children alike.

What happened to Rugged Maniac? ›

Rugged Maniac, a race that has been around for over a decade and had 25 events scheduled in 2024 abruptly canceled all events. This is an event that I, and many people, have enjoyed throughout the years. Now, it is gone and a memory.

What is the fastest anyone has ever traveled? ›

The fastest speed at which humans have travelled is 39,937.7 km/h (24,816.1 mph). The command module of Apollo 10, carrying Col. (later Lieut Gen.)

What is the fastest land speed record ever set? ›

The current holder of the Outright World Land Speed Record is ThrustSSC driven by Andy Green, a twin turbofan jet-powered car which achieved 763.035 mph - 1227.985 km/h - over one mile in October 1997.

What is the world's largest obstacle course show? ›

Door Knock, Moving Big Balls and the Zip Line Shape Shifter are three of the wild and crazy new obstacles that contestants will face on "Wipeout," featuring the world's largest new obstacle course. Tune in for the 'Tongan Truck' vs. The Wrecking Ball Shake-A-Later.

What is the world's toughest mudder? ›

World's Toughest Mudder is the most extreme, imposing, pulse-pounding, heart-stopping 24-hour obstacle course challenge on the planet. The stage is set and the stakes have never been higher. Pick your podium, make the commitment and begin your training. The swampy shoe-sucking mud of the Sunshine State awaits.

How many miles is the toughest mudder? ›

World's Toughest Mudder

The competition consists of a 5-mile (8.0 km) looped course, which participants continuously run through for 24 hours.

What is the toughest race on earth? ›

World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji is a television series documenting a long-range multi-day expedition race in which teams race non-stop with little to no sleep over mountains, jungles, and oceans.

Is the savage race harder than Spartan? ›

Both Spartan and Savage do a great job building their obstacles, and both have obstacles that are challenging and fun, but Savage Race takes the challenge to a new level with some of their rigs, and they have been extremely innovative with the types and varieties of obstacles, whereas Spartan has been stagnant for ...

How long is the Spartan death race? ›

Though there is no set length of any one Death Race, a typical iteration lasts around 72 hours and features soul-shattering tasks like hauling immense weight up the infamous Shrek's Mountaintop, completing 26.2 miles of barbed wire crawls or burpees, and memorizing mind puzzles while incredibly, deliriously sleep ...

Did Mark Cuban invest in Rugged Maniac? ›

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban invested in Rugged Maniac, after meeting them on season 5 of the hit ABC reality show Shark Tank.

Who is the CEO of Rugged Maniac? ›

Brad Scudder, the founder and CEO of obstacle course company Rugged Maniac, credits billionaire Mark Cuban with teaching him a valuable lesson: Know your worth.

Can you skip obstacles in Rugged Maniac? ›

Penalty for Obstacle Failure: There is no penalty in the Rugged Maniac for a failed obstacle. If you don't feel you can safely complete an obstacle, you can bypass it and continue the course (with the exception of the competitive wave participants).

What is the fastest travel in history? ›

The Space Shuttle has an orbital velocity of around 30,000km/h, but the crew of Apollo 10 hold the official record for the fasted manned vehicle when they reached 39,897km/h relative to the Earth on 26 May 1969 during their return from lunar orbit.

What broke the land speed record? ›

ThrustSSC, driven by Royal Air Force pilot Andy Green, holds the current land speed record at 1,227.986 km/h (763.035 mph) set October 15, 1997.

Was the obstacle course run by me in record time active? ›

Active: I ran the obstacle course in record time. Passive: The obstacle course was run by me in record time.

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